Saturday, October 5, 2013

longboarding accidents are funny!

okay okay okay, so i know i said i would post more, but here's a real life story about me and a longboard...

once upon a cold October morning, a girl was longboarding down a road, on her way home from early morning seminary....
she was going down a street, when she noticed that there was someone else walking UP that same street!
so, she decided, "eh, i can move to the side to make room so he doesn't have to move." and as she went to the side, she was looking at the person passing her, trying to figure out who he was.
since she was paying more attention to whoever he was then the road or her board, she didn't notice the small pot-hole in the road ahead of her until the last second, no time to balance better, no time to swerve.
her front wheels made it over just fine, so she started to breathe easier. just then, her back right wheel caught! she went flying!!!!!
she looked around a moment later, realizing that she had just hit her head on the ground, and that she was a bit scraped up. "no biggie" she thought, but then she remembered the stranger she had been passing..
"Woah! are you okay??" she heard from a voice just behind her...
as quick as she could, she jumped up, got on her longboard and yelled back "yeah! i'm fine, thanks!!!!!" as she got away as fast as she could!
and then she started laughing and hasn't stopped entirely yet :)
The end!
now iv'e got a gnarly bruise on my knee, and some roadrash. it's great :P

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